We have Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto Solutions for every BMW generation

  • if Your car is over 2016+ we can offer Software activation Carplay
  • Use Google , Waze or Apple maps on your vehicle’s display
  • enjoy playing music with Youtube Music, Spotify and other Apps
  • For older gen BMWs we offer Android Screens or MMI Carplay box
  • Lets you use iPhone apps on your BMW’s iDrive screen
  • Connects your iPhone wirelessly to the BMW iDrive system
  • Utilises your factory installed BT system for Siri’s voice commands
  • Full digital audio playback through the BMW stereo system
MMI BOX for cars with NBT, CIC headunits

Multimedia Box Solution is if You would like to keep a genuine look but refresh Your car multimedia. In all of the above cases, You still keep all functionalities of the actual iDrive system You can easily switch between genuine and a new system by pressing Menu for 2 seconds. In all of them, You can easily upgrade Your car to Reversing Camera Whole cost of the system will be cheaper than installing just a genuine camera. For 2017+ cars we have a Software solution for Carplay Box.

Software solution activating Apple Carplay for cars with NBT Evo 2016+

You will not miss any notifications anymore, can remain permanently linked to your contacts and are always up-to-date with what is going on in the world, without taking your eyes off the essential thing: the road. Apple CarPlay® has been specially developed for use in the vehicle and due to its perfect integration into your BMW is the smartest way to conveniently use your iPhone and your BMW simultaneously while in your car – for sheer driving pleasure.

Android Screen with built in Wireless Carplay

Android-based systems can use Your phone hotspot or separate sim card to use online services like Waze, Google Maps, Youtube, and Spotify. We sell only the highest specs on market Screen systems with up to 8GB of ram and 256GB internal memory. Our Android systems also have built in  CarPlay and Android auto functionality so you can use your Apps , like Spotify or Waze straight after quick connection.

What is CarPlay / Android Auto?

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are very convenient multimedia systems that integrate the smartphone with the car. They allow the driver to use navigation, calls or music easily and clearly. BM Cars offers the installation of suitable modules for BMW, MINI and other car manufacturers.

The two largest manufacturers of smartphone operating systems, Apple (iOS) and Google (Android), have created a dedicated suite of features for drivers. For iPhones it is CarPlay, and for Android smartphones it is Android Auto. Cars equipped with a compatible receiver connect via Bluetooth or USB to a smartphone. The on-board screen then displays key information sent from the phone. This solution, which is constantly being expanded, significantly improves driving comfort and safety. Without having to reach for the phone, the driver can listen to music/podcasts from the Internet, manage navigation or dial a number from contacts.

Voice Commands

In addition, the integration of the car with the smartphone allows all the functions of the voice assistant to be used.  Siri on iPhones and Google Assistant on Androids allows you to search the internet, check the weather, save reminders, send text messages or listen to world news. All using only voice commands and the hands-free kit in your car. CarPlay BMWCarPlay on the BMW on-board computer screen

Which phones support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

CarPlay is integrated into iPhones running iOS 13 and later. No additional app installation is required to use CarPlay functionality.
Android Auto works on smartphones with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and later. If you have Android 6.0 to 9 then you will need to download the dedicated Android Auto app. From Android 10 upwards, the Android Auto package is built into the system and does not require the installation of an additional app.

What is the Carplay MMI Multimedia Box and what does it allow you to do?

The Carplay Multimedia Box is a dedicated receiver for CarPlay and Android Auto. It is the perfect solution for all cars that do not have a receiver built in by the manufacturer. With the Multimedia Box, you can significantly extend the functionality of your car and on-board computer. The Multimedia Box allows Bluetooth connectivity with iPhones. Android smartphones can also be connected wirelessly or via the USB port included with the device.

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