We offer GTS Performance Flash for:

  • BMW M2 F82 F87
  • BMW M3 F80
  • BMW M4 F82 F84

GTS DCT Gearbox:

  • Faster and smoother gear shifting
  • Removes jerkiness on acceleration and jerky downshifts the M DCT suffers from
  • Engages gears quicker from D to R and opposite
  • Improved rev matching
  • Exhaust tone sportier, burble-equipped models will change to match m4 GTS burbles

GTS Electronic Power Steering

  • Heavier and improved sharper steering
  • Eliminates steering dead zone feel on the centre
  • Better control and more feel through to the tyres

GTS Differential

  • Improved launch from a standstill
  • Improved cornering and power delivery to the rear wheels

GTS Traction

  • More slip in MDM before power input is cut, meaning faster take-off from shifts on red line/high rpm without traction holding it back
  • All round improved traction and cornering/drifting characteristics

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