Customer Satisfaction

First of all, we focus on the satisfaction of our customers.
We try to perform our services reliably and safely. In our opinion, more important than the maximum value of horsepower is a noticeable improvement in riding comfort within the limits of safe manufacturer’s standards. We make sure that we stick to the procedures. We have the necessary equipment, experience and software.

Price to Quality

In our opinion, the price should not be the most important determinant in the case of services of such a prestigious brand as BMW cars. That is why we do not try to compete with price. We believe that the best indicator is the price to quality ratio of the offered product. We try to give the best possible quality and care in performing our services. You can count on a guarantee and advice also after the service is provided. We believe that the best is a win-win situation in which both parties are fully satisfied. That is why we take care of our relations with clients and we are recommended by the grapevine mail.  We like our work and treat it as a challenge so you can count on great experience and exemplary service at each of our points.

Quality and Safety

We believe that it’s best to outsource the work to specialists, that’s why we don’t write our driver modifications ourselves, we outsource it to the best professionals in the industry. Thanks to that our customers get the best possible quality and safety. Our focus is on providing the highest quality products because we are aware that only in this way will we achieve the long-term goals we have set ourselves. We work with the best experts in the world and do not accept half measures. We have almost perfect technical support, which we improve and adapt to our customers’ needs overnight. The experts that we surround ourselves with are in constant contact with us and react to the reports almost immediately, so no problem remains unresolved.

Great Experience

We use genuine BMW software and hardware tools like Ista, INPA, NcsExpert, Esys, Icom also approved 70+ AMP Voltage Stabilizers. Despite some other sellers who have zero knowledge regarding BMW ecu’s and are only limited to coding options via apps by mobile which can cause issues or damage to your car ecus.

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