​Engine ECU software Remapping (chiptuning). Totally non-invasive and 100% safe

The so-called chiptuning is an electronic increase of car engine power (optimization of parameters). It gives joy to driving and increases road safety. It will allow you to discover your car anew – faster, safer, consuming less fuel. Chip tuning consists in using the reserves left by the manufacturer. Such reserves are the biggest in cars with turbochargers.

What is chip tuning really about?

The car has a device called the engine controller (ECU). It is a computer responsible for engine operation in all speed and load conditions. The ECU has knowledge about it, how to control the fuel and ignition/injection angle under any conditions. It also receives information from other controllers, such as the gearbox or traction control system. Modification of these parameters is done by uploading the program to the controller by means of interfaces using the diagnostic socket(OBD).In some vehicles, it is required to remove the ECU and open it or connect directly to the pins in the plug (so-called Bench).

Regardless of the method, the expected effect is the same, the increase in power and torque. In general, such skills, together with the knowledge of how to rewrite driver maps, require experience and enormous knowledge.

The power we serve is an increase of about 15-25%.

The program is always downloaded from the car and modified on its basis. It should be remembered that the power after modification may vary if, from some unexplained and for a rare reason, your car did not reach the declared and provided by the manufacturer’s factory power and had no faults. It should then be assumed that the increase in power will be very noticeable anyway, as it will still be raised within safe limits of about 15-25%.

We don’t play the ready-made ones!

We cooperate with tuners who have 20 years of experience in engine driver map modifications, mainly in the BMW brand. They have already tuned hundreds of thousands of cars. Their knowledge and experience mean the trouble-free operation of your car, which is sometimes crucial, and yet, with poor quality modifications, not obvious.

By modifying your car with us you can be sure that you get the highest quality product on the market, developed by the best software engineers in the world.

Save fuel and money with our Economy tuning services and products, available for most production cars, 4×4’s and vans

What economic gains can be achieved?

Savings of 10-15% can be expected with an economy tune. This will vary depending on the individual driving style. We have had reports of economic improvements of around 20% but these are not as common.
Improved throttle response and smoother power delivery are also noticeable with an economy tune.

Can my vehicle be remapped?

Most modern vehicles can be remapped. Please contact us Vehicle search for details of your vehicle including performance and/or economy gains.

How much does it cost?

Our charges are very competitive, especially taking into account the quality of the products we offer.

If you would like to arrange an appointment email us at hi@icodebmw.co.uk

Please choose from one of our branches in Coventry CV8 3EZ
(Greg 074 7610 3793) or Wednesbury WS10 9PJ
(Slav 078 5662 1716)

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