Improve the comfort of your BMW and increase its functionality by retrofitting

The design of BMW and Mini allows the flexibility to upgrade the equipment with any factory options.
We offer our service customers professional BMW retrofitting. The services offered by Icodebmw are a guarantee of reliable and timely execution of the order, affordable prices and professional advice. Thanks to our technicians – automotive enthusiasts with many years of experience – your car will be even more comfortable.

Enhance the functionality of your BMW by retrofitting standard equipment

Let your BMW evolve to meet your current needs. For example, by retrofitting your BMW with a Professional Navigation System NBT EVO or changing your regular headlights to Xenon, LED or Laser, you will increase both the driving comfort and the usability of your vehicle. Retrofitting is carried out on F- and G-series models.

– navigation systems like NBT EVO
– Speed Limit Info – SLI
– Digital Cluster 6WB and 6WA extended
– Xenon headlights, Led, Led Adaptive
– Parking sensors PDC / PMA
– Genuine Reversing camera and Aftermarket systems
– Electric towbar
– Electric Folding mirrors
– Heated Steering wheel
– 360 Camera System
– Cruise Control
– Lane Change / Keeping assistant

In addition to the components offered by BMW AG, we offer many components from renowned third parties.
These include all kinds of enhancements, upgrades and legal modifications that improve the safety and functionality of your car.
Examples of types of retrofitting:

– Installation of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in a BMW
– anthi-theft systems
– Installation of aftermarket sound systems

Are you looking for a BMW upgrade that looks and works genuinely ?
IcodeBMW is definitely your place to get the modifications you’ve been dreaming of.
We provide main dealer service at a fraction of the price !

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