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  • Better fuel economy – 10% – 20%
  • Increased power – up to 30 %
  • Increased torque – up to 40%
  • Better throttle response
  • Speed limiter removal
  • EGR Delete
  • DPF Delete
  • AdBlue Delete
  • ALL Cars and Vans
  • Swirl Flaps Delete

Mobile services are available just query us with your plate number and postcode to be quoted on 07476103793.

How does this work?

  • First, we will diagnose Your car to check if it is safe to do chiptuning
  • then we can read and save Your actual engine software
  • When MODification is ready take a test drive with Your “old-new car”
  • In the end, we will do once again diagnose to be sure all is working as it should

We work with tuners who have 20 years of experience in modifying engine controller maps, mainly in BMW. They have tuned hundreds of thousands of cars. Their knowledge and experience is a trouble-free operation of your car, which can be crucial, and yet, with poor quality modifications, not obvious.

By modifying your car with us you can be sure that you get the highest quality product on the market, developed by the best software engineers in the world.

Why this is safe?

  • we work only with genuine tools
  • we specialise in BMW electronics so you can count on our experience and advice
  • we work with the best Tuners on the market
  • we use BMW-approved voltage stabilizer
  • we have business insurance for your safety

What is so-called CHIPTUNING / ECU Remapping?

So-called CHIPTUNING is an electronic increase of the car engine power (optimization of parameters). It gives the joy of driving and increases road safety. It allows you to discover your car anew – faster, safer and using less fuel. CHIP-TUNING is based on using the reserves left by the manufacturer. Such reserves are the largest in cars with turbochargers.

What is CHIPTUNING really about?

The car is equipped with a device called the engine control unit (ECU). This is a computer that is responsible for the operation of the engine under all speed and load conditions. The ECU knows,
how to control fuel and ignition/injection angle under any conditions. It also receives information from other controllers, such as the transmission or traction control system. Modifying these parameters is done by uploading the program to the controller with the help of interfaces using a diagnostic socket (OBD).
In some vehicles, removing the ECU and opening it or connecting directly to the pins in the plug (so-called Bench) is required.

Regardless of the method, the expected effect is the same, an increase in power and torque. Generally, such skills, along with the knowledge of how to change the ECU maps require experience and vast knowledge.

The power that we “serve” is an increase of about 15-30%.

The program is each time taken from the car and on its basis modified.
Please note that the power after modification may vary in a situation where for some unexplained and
rare reason your car did not achieve the factory power declared and provided by the manufacturer and did not have any defects. Then it should be assumed that the power increase will be very noticeable anyway because it will be raised within safe limits of up to 30%.

WE DO NOT UPLOAD generic FILES to your cars!

Choose perfectionists and leave the details to us, and our Team will go the extra mile for our Clients to make sure we cover every important detail, including many of the little things you might not expect. We are aiming for perfection In everything we do.
12 Months warranty for our Brand New units and service.
Free Diagnose and professional,  skilled advice available on location.
Efficiency is our key principle so you can save time and money.
Available discounts for multi service sales.

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