Diagnostics and repairs

Our service is dedicated to the effective repair and modification of electrical and electronic systems in BMW and MINI vehicles. Electrical services include software updates, repair of vehicle controllers and modules, coding and programming, as well as navigation updates. On our side is both the full diagnosis of an electrical or electronic problem and the expert repair/update of a component.

Dealer Level Diagnostics

Module (ECU) Errors reading and clearing. Allows access to your BMW modules which standard OBD readers will not allow.

Modules update

Allows you to update your modules to the latest versions for improved drive- ability and fuel economy. Just like you update your apps on your phone this is the equivalent on your car for the latest and greatest.

Programming and coding

Allows you to customise your BMW to how you want, retrofit items, mirror coding etc.

Other features

  • Full Dealer Level Diagnostics
  • Fault code Reading & Resetting
  • Service Reset
  • Code/Program modules
  • Force Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration (DPF)
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Repair Instructions
  • Technical Documents
  • EGR System control and testing
  • Read/Clear/Reset Air Bag Light Codes
  • Read/Clear Reset ABS Light Codes
  • Apply Firmware and Software updates to your BMW
  • Diagnostic on Individual Modules
  • Vanos Testing Read Time
  • Diagnosis and Live Display Data
  • Creation of Test Plans for Repairs/Upgrades/Updates
  • EWS DMW Synchronisation
  • Programming of Vehicle functions (incl. retrofitting of items)
  • Coding of Vehicle Functions
  • Key and Memory Personalising features (lights, comfort features etc.)
  • Key Matching and Remote control programming
  • Reset Adaptations
  • Individual Values
  • Activate ABS Pump for bleeding
  • Reset SMG/SSG Functions
  • Disable RCD Warnings, Disable Tyre Control Inactive Messages
  • and many more features

What is a full service diagnosis on BMW cars?

Diagnosis is the first and essential part of any repair. We use specialist equipment to carry it out.

We use the best diagnostic tools available on the market to service BMW and MINI vehicles. The diagnostic computers recommended by BMW concern allow full diagnostics and programming of the vehicle’s control units. We use the original ISTA system, but also many other coding and programming tools such as E-Sys , NcsExpert , Winkfp .

Why do you need a special computer for full diagnostics?

BMW takes full advantage of the possibilities offered by modern electronics and IT. This is an excellent convenience for users, giving comfort in operating and driving the vehicle. It is very important to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers and pedestrians through highly developed systems The huge number of controllers responsible for the systems makes it necessary to use sophisticated tools to detect irregularities in their operation. High and low temperatures, vibrations and moisture are extreme operating conditions that cause faults.

Mechanical repairs versus electronic repairs

Sensors in mechanical systems such as the engine, gearbox and instrument cluster transmit information about parameters and anomalies to the supervising controllers. By reading this information with a specialised service computer, it is possible to prevent malfunctions from occurring and to correct operating parameters. Even when there are obvious noises in the engine or gearbox, it is necessary to resort to computer diagnostics to check the operating parameters.

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