Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the BMW android screen for myself?

BMW android screen is plug and play, no need to code or program the car, we offer a full installation guide for our products, this makes the installation to be easier than expected.

How long does it usually take to install the android screen?

For experienced installers, normally it can finish the installation within 30-60 minutes. The aftermarket android screen is plug and play, no need to program or code the car. Of course, if you also install the backup camera, it might take more time.

Do I need to program or code my BMW?

No, you don’t need to program or code the car. It just totally plugs and play!

Do the original radio functions work after being replaced with an android screen?

Yes, it’s compatible with Multisite, you don’t need to apply any additional settings, just install the theme and use it within multisite network. Please note: you should purchase a regular license for every domain.

Do I need to disconnect the car battery before installation?

In fact, no need to disconnect the car battery, just need to power off the car (remove the car key), then the OEM car stereo system will have no power at all. Disconnecting the car battery might make some errors.

Why connect the AUX cable to the AUX-IN port under the armrest box?

The AUX cable transfers the audio from the android screen to the OEM BMW sound system, then audio works through BMW speakers. For some BMW NBT car models, it is ok not to connect this cable, but for the BMW CCC, CIC, and  NBT, you might need to connect an aux cable (aux cable is supplied).

Do I need to connect cables for the iDrive knob?

My car is not equipped with a sat-nav. It’s compatible Android screen on my car and iDrive knob?

Yes, GPS receivers are supplied with every Android screen.  It means you can use any navigation system on your new screen, google maps, Waze, Sygic, IGO, TomTom, etc. Also, offline maps can be installed as well and used without an internet connection.

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