Coding is a change of parameters already existing in a car modules

BMW cars are very technologically advanced.
Due to the enormous range of configurations,controllers of modern cars can be freely configured to suit different equipment options and,
legal regulations or customer expectations.
We are able to adjust these codes individually for each customer.

IcodeBMW is now offering BMW remote coding worldwide

You don’t have to travel out to us to have your car coded.
This service will allow you to get your BMW coded
from the comfort of your home.
With this remote coding, you will unlock as many things as possible.

Service time: 30 min – 1h

There are many codes depending on the car and its equipment.
Below we present only some of them:

BMW Apple CarPlay

  • Enables Apple CarPlay for BMW 2017+ cars only.
  • BMW Apps For Vehicles Equipped with NBT EVO ID5/ID6 (2017 and newer)
  • Enable Android Smartphone Mirroring
  • Enable iDrive 6.0 Layout

Enhanced Bluetooth Coding

  • Music Streaming by Bluetooth
  • Allows you to connect a compatible smartphone for media playback
  • Enable USB Music Interface (Search by Artist/Album)
  • Enable album art covers if your vehicle was not equipped with navigation
  • iOS – View Received Text Messages
  • Android – View and Reply to Text Message Conversations & Emails
  • Allow up to two phones to be paired to the iDrive system

iDrive / Multimedia Features

  • Video In Motion Lets you watch videos whilst driving via DVD, USB, or SD Card. You must be able to watch videos whilst not driving.
  • Enable Video Playback via USB – This allows you to play videos using the USB port.
  • Additional Video Codecs – Adds more video codecs and formats for BMW iDrive.Enable XVID, XVCD, and OGG codec for USB videos
  • Menu For Acoustic sound on locking unlocking – Allows you to turn beep when locking/unlocking On & Off.
  • Change Warning Chimes / PDC Sounds to BMW / Mini / Rolls Royce / BMW i
  • Menu For DRL – This allows you to turn daytime running lights on/off.
  • Ambient Colours – Adds option to change ambient lighting of dash/instrument cluster depending on the car.
  • Additional Ambient Colours – Adds more colours to the ambient lighting menu.
  • Sports Dials – Shows Torque & BHP Dials in your iDrive. The dials show your vehicles currently producing power.
  • Start-Up Animation – Change your iDrive startup animation to what you like. This includes M-Sports, Christmas and more.
  • Add Tire Pressure and Individual Tire Temperature to the TPMS display
  • Displays an entire text (SMS) message on iDrive rather than three lines
  • Voice Navigation change from English to British English
  • SPORT display – Sport display M style, Sport Display to choose from Sport mode
  • Ringtones streamed from a cell phone – for Iphone only
  • Remove Speedlock Restriction for Mobile Office and User Manuals
  • Disclaimer OFF Deactivating the warning (Disclaimer) when using Night Vision,Parktronic and cameras
  • ASD OFF Disable/Change Active Sound Design (Artificial Engine Sound

Drivetrain Features

  • Configurable Sport Mode (Chassis/Drivetrain)
  • Enable Sport+ Mode
  • Enable Sport Automatic Transmission (2TB)
  • Enable Launch Control
  • Start the car in Eco Pro Driving Mode
  • START/STOP Memory – Auto Start/Stop System Remembers Last User Setting/Memory
  • START/STOP OFF – Auto Start/Stop System OFF permanently
  • Start Engine Without Clutch – This allows you to turn on the engine without the clutch.

Instrument Cluster Features

  • BMW Digital Speed – Enables MPH digital speed in the speedometer.
  • BC– True speed show
  • SLI (Speed Limit Info) actual road sign speed reading activation
  • Enable Auto Start/Stop Indicator
  • Display M Performance Logo
  • Enable Heated Steering Wheel Notification
  • Oil Temp – Shows oil temperature in the dash.
  • Alpine Style Dash – Changes the speedometer theme to BMW Alpine
  • Enables LIM Function
  • Retrofit coding od Cruise Control
  • Enable Launch Control

Safety Features

  • Acoustic sound on locking unlocking
  • Seat Belt Warning Off – Disables the ding when you don’t wear a seat belt.
  • Door Open Ding – Disables the ding when your ignition is on and the door is open.
  • Seatbelt warning – turn off
  • Deactivation /Activation of the audible signal when unfastening the belts
  • Fold Mirrors When Locking – Automatically folds your side mirror when locking.
  • Mirror Dip In Reverse – Dips the passenger side mirror in reverse. Allows you to see the curb easily.
  • One-Touch Mirror Fold – Lets you fold mirrors on lock by only pressing the button once instead of holding it.

Light Features

  • Enable Daytime Running Lights – Turns your low beam on during daytime on older cars to create an effect of DRL.
  • Enable Angel Lights as Daytime Running Lights and Angle Eyes Brightness increase
  • US Style DRLs – Front indicators stay on all the time, creating the effect of US sidelights.
  • DRL to turn on on Idrive
  • Tail Lights As DRL – Tail lights be on during the daytime.
  • DRL Brightness Increase – Increase the brightness of daytime running lights when headlights are on.
  • Illuminated Door Handles when Reversing
  • Welcome lights to turn on on Idrive
  • Enable Fog Lights as Welcome Lights
  • Follow me Home Lights – When you lock the car and the lights stay on for a few seconds. Follow me home lights time to set up on iDrive.
  • Cornering Fog Lights – When you turn the steering wheel, the corresponding fog light comes on automatically to increase visibility. During the nighttime.
  • Emergency Braking Lights – Hazards & brake lights start flashing when you do an emergency stop at 50mph+
  • Fogs As C/L Home Lights – Fog lights come on instead of low beams as C/L home lights.
  • Disable Bulb Checks when Bulbs Replaced with LEDs (Turn Signals, Brake Lights, Reverse Lights, Low and High Beams, Fog Lights)
  • Separate Ambient Lighting and General Lighting controls.
  • Change the triple indicator to any other amount
  • Turns off the front side marker. (The blinker is still active)
  • The brightness of Welcome Lights
  • Bulb Cold and/or Hot Monitoring Turns off

Doors Mirror Windows Trunk AC

  • Beep When Locking/Unlocking – The car beeps when you lock and unlock it.
  • Auto-Lock When Moving – Automatically locks the car when the speed goes above 10mph.
  • Auto Unlock – Unlock the car when a key is removed from the ignition.
  • Turn off/on Radio/Navigation when the Engine is off and Driver’s Door is opened.
  • Selective Unlocking – Choose which door’s to unlock first. Driver’s door or All
  • Comfort Windows – Open/Close windows using remote/key. Fold Mirrors with Comfort Access or Key Fob.
  • Close Boot Using Key – This allows you to close automatic boot using your key.
  • Close Boot Using Button – This allows you to close the automatic boot using a button inside the car.
  • Enable Easy Entry/Exit Driver’s Seat
  • Enable Remember A/C Compressor Off Mode
  • Disable A/C when selecting Automatic Mode

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How do we do Remote Coding on your car?

The only thing you will need is an interface to connect your car to the computer. In addition to coding, it will allow you to carry out a full computer diagnostic of your car. Don’t take the risk of trying “at random” on your own or coding with the help of uncertain knowledge on internet forums. Incorrectly carried out coding can even render your BMW immobile and lead to costly repairs.

We connect with your computer using VPN software configured by our tchnicican . All we need on your side is a laptop with Windows 7 or higher , standard ENET cable and good internet connection . All diagnostic and coding software is on our side, which saves us time and allows us to concentrate on coding your car.

After placing your order you will receive from us a link to the software , in addition you can order a cable and book a convenient time for your appointment .





Remote Coding Requirements

ENET Cable – you can buy in our store100
Windows laptop – Windows 7 or higher100


VPN software – link will be provided100
Good internet connection100

What headunit do you have?

CIC (iDrive 4)

NBT (iDrive 4)
2015+ NBTevo (iDrive 4)

66Reg+ NBTevo
(iDrive 5)

18Reg+ NBTevo
(iDrive 6)

MGU (iDrive 7)

Frequently asked questions

  • We will code Unlimited Features possible on your car
  • computer diagnostic and advice
  • 1 Hour session
  • VPN Session
  • after sales support

Check out different types of head units or Contact us

  • ENET Cable
  • Windows laptop – Windows 7 or higher
  • Teamviewer
  • Good internet connection

Unlimited Coding + diagnostics : 1,5 Hour +

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