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We are the official XHP distributor.

This is Service which can be booked in on Our places or for your convienience we can come to You .


We will diagnose you Gearbox and make sure all process will be safe and hassle free for You .

First flash need to be with all safery precautions , 
If you would like to make changes after , we offer 2 free changes in our places

or you can buy additional license from XHP , next  flash eas easy to be done by customer
For F series we can offer you Enet cable and our Remote coding , diagnostics services

Here is link fo additional license for Future Mode changes :

xHP Upgrade License


Thanks to us You can TUNING your BMW with 6 or 8-Speed Automatic-Transmission.

As a distributor, we sell The “Super License packs”

This license includes Stage 1, 2, and 3 maps

  • Enables unlimited flashing for a single Vehicle (VIN – Lock)
  • Includes Stage 1,2,3 maps from the xHP Store
  • Includes ALL future OTS updates
  • Enables to flash custom maps
  • Lets you revert your vehicle to stock anytime

Why tune xHP with us?

  • thanks to our experience all processes will be 100% safe
  • You get a discount and the best price/quality ratio
  • full dealer-level diagnostics

Stage 1
focus on economy and comfort, by upshifting early in D-Mode and locking up the torque converter sooner, compared to the factory calibrations. MPG gain to be expected (depending on vehicle and driving environment) between 5% and 15%.

  • Gear Display in Dash in all modes (where available)
  • Early torque converter lock-up
  • Shift strategies altered for economy and comfort
  • Adapted torque limits for tuned engines

Stage 2
Is for customers who require faster shifts and a more responsive driving experience, but do not want to sacrifice any comfort.

  • Gear display in Dash in all modes (where available)
  • Optimized D & S shift points for better acceleration in part and full-throttle situations
  • Approx. 25% faster shifts overall
  • Faster paddle response time

Stage 3
files are our most sporty calibrations, changing the driving experience totally. While all Stage 3 files retain full comfort and can be used in every daily car, the behaviour changes when switching to S or M. Massively reduced shift times and throttle blips in manual mode show what your auto transmission is capable of. (but never was allowed to do it from the factory).

  • Gear Display in Dash in all modes (where available)
  • Optimized D & S shift points for better acceleration in part and full-throttle situations
  • Approx. 25% faster shifts in D mode
  • Approx. 50% faster shifts in S and M mode
  • Rev-Matched downshifting (Throttle-Blip)
  • True Manual Mode (no forced upshift at RPM limiter)
  • Instant paddle response time
  • Torque limits raised to maximum
  • Raised line pressure for better holding power!

Choose IcodeBMW for your upgrades

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us

Choose perfectionists and leave the details to us, and our Team will go the extra mile for our Clients to make sure we cover every important detail, including many of the little things you might not expect. We are aiming for perfection In everything we do.
12 Months warranty for our Brand New units and service.
Free Diagnose and professional,  skilled advice available on location.
Efficiency is our key principle so you can save time and money.
Available discounts for multi service sales.

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